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Suppose I should write something. An old journal entry is like something forgotten behind the fridge- it used to resemble something current and I don't care for the look of it.

It's been a swingy several months. Sometimes sun, sometimes rain. That about sums it up. Done!

...okay, fine. Here's a smattering of what's gone and what's oncoming.

*Been dealing with a staph infection since this past summer. Only now getting it properly treated. My job is filthy. The medication I have now seems to be working, but lordie, does it smell.

*Arachnid Goddess is coming to a conclusion. It's been running since January 2008... just long enough at this point. Maybe too long. Sadly, it's being abridged a bit at this point so some content won't make it. Webcomicing just takes too long to do even small updates, I think. I find I have neither the time nor the patience to keep going on with it. If I was a lesser person, I might have dropped it abruptly years ago. That said, webcomics is unlike Field of Dreams; if you make it, they do not come. It is what it is and I hope no one truly regards it as my magnum opus. It's just... okay. But right now, it's preventing me from accomplishing other things as well as having time to myself.

*I am more interested in working on my writing at this point. I have a piece of fiction I've been working on since the beginning of time that I want to focus more on. I'm also doing a niche piece of erotica that would never pass DA standards. The point being, both are being done with the interests of publishing, albeit in different places. I need to get going on this.

*Turning 35 in a couple of months. I'll be going on a one week vacation just before that. Offline and away from everyone as I seclude myself at the shore- sounds mighty good to me. Too many distractions in the 'burbs.

*My car got nailed by a thick powerline- while I was driving! Dented and smeared the hood and ceiling, but the windshield is fine. It was quite a sight. I managed to deflect the most of it but everyone behind me was stuck in traffic for hours.

*My lady's father is terminally ill. Lou Gehrig's disease. Shame, the guy was so hale for his age. Now he can barely speak and he's skeletal. Don't know how much longer he'll be around, but she's looking to go back up to where he lives (some 70 miles away in the mountains) to help out, so that may be coming up. She wants things to continue, but in my experience, I've never been a huge proponent for long distance relations.

*Another downer, my pet hamster, Pooka, died the other week. I feel bad about it. Water from her bottle got into her bedding and I didn't catch it in time. -.- I like pets, but I generally prefer not to own them. I prefer a level of detachment because I can be sentimental about such things. I've got enough Survivor's Guilt in my background.

*On a lighter note, I took a pizza eating challenge down the shore today. A 22 inch pie, to be eaten in under thirty minutes. I managed it with 31 seconds to spare. If there is one thing I can do, it's eat pizza like a champion. I have some pics; may or may not show 'em.

*Won a year long gym membership from Subway recently. That was pretty cool.

*For my job, I need to train for my Black Seal this year or that's it. I have nothing against it other than the four days I need to take off for it, the money that I'm paying out of pocket for it, and the sheer amount of bureaucracy I have to deal with for something I understand in under three minutes. Remember kids, if you don't have a paid piece of paper that says you're qualified, no one cares what merits you actually have.

*Been listening to a lot of Gazelle Twin lately. I find I like the avante garde nature of the music. Outside of Smite and Borderlands 2, I find myself preferring obscure games along such lines too, such as Yume Nikki, Space Funeral, and so on. Still absolutely love Alice, though.


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